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I’m Melissa Nahshon and I established Order in the House Israel in 2011, because I absolutely love to help people make their lives easier, less stressful and happier.  I have a knack for looking at any room and understanding how to organise, reorder and in general, rearrange a room to make it both more comfortable and more functionable (Yes, there is such a word!). 

An organised home is truly a HOME.  It is where you feel in control of your life, where chaos and stress are ‘on the outside’.  Your home should be your sanctuary. 

But I know that life has a way of ‘taking over’ and clutters our home with stuff.  I understand!  I patiently and compassionately help you take back control of your home.

How do I work?

  • We meet either online or in-person to discuss your needs.

  • We begin to make a plan of your most pressing organsational needs and determine the first room you would like to tackle.

  • I visit your home, take a BEFORE picture of the room(s) and create an organizational plan for this room.

  • We discuss priorities, scheduling, timetables and manage expectations.

  • I work (either alone or with a member of my team) in four to five hour sessions.  

  • Throughout our time together I happily give you tips and ideas to help you maintain the order.


  • Once I am done, I provide one of my most popular services: removal of items you no longer want – either to charities or to recycling.  I don’t just ‘leave’ your unwanted items at the door and leave!

To find out more about my organising services and pricing please contact me today.

Click here to read a wonderful write up about me in CITYapp Raanana and click here to read what my clients say about my services.

What are you waiting for?  

One of my most popular services is removal of items you no longer want!  I don’t just ‘leave’ your unwanted items at the door and leave!

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